Frequently Asked Questions

When will I see balloons?

Hot air balloons are only on the field during flight times. All flights are wind and weather permitting. If the weather permits, there will be one half-inflated balloon for kids to play in along with one balloon offering tethered rides on Saturday and Sunday between 12pm-6pm.

How long is a hot air balloon ride?

The whole experience will take about 2 hours. The actual ride is between 40-50 minutes. You will have a chance to meet your pilot and crew before the flight. You might even be asked to help inflate the balloon. During the flight, your balloon will be followed by its “chase vehicle” that stays in radio contact with your pilot. On landing, you will have the opportunity to participate in the age-old tradition of sharing a bottle of champagne with passengers. You might be asked to help roll up the “envelope” (the actual balloon) and store it in the basket. The chase vehicle then transports you back to the starting point.

Are their age restrictions for flying?

Ultimately, the pilot will decide to accept or decline a passenger based on everyone’s safety. For senior citizens: They need to be in good health, have strong legs, and can climb in and stand in the basket. For children: A child cannot be held and has to be old enough to stand in the basket and see over the basket edge. Typically children need to be over 45 inches tall. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

How do you decide if the balloons will fly?

Our Balloonmeister has the final say. If weather conditions are questionable, they will make that decision 15–30 minutes before the scheduled flight time. Sometimes flight time is delayed due to weather.

What should I wear for a hot air balloon ride?

Wear comfortable shoes, like sneakers, and dress in layers.

How many people can fit in a balloon?

Balloons can carry up to 8 people per ride. This varies based on weight and basket size. Groups of more than 4 may be split up, but we do our best to accommodate larger groups. We encourage larger parties to book in advance.

How much does a balloon ride cost?

A balloon ride is $350 per person, plus tax, and includes admission to the festival.

Are balloon rides available for purchase during the festival?

Rides typically sell out in advance of the festival. If any remain, we will offer them for sale on the festival grounds starting when the gates open on Friday.

How do I purchase a tethered ride?

They are offered Saturday and Sunday between 12pm-6pm and available for purchase during the festival for $25. Tethered rides, like ascension rides, are dependent on wind and weather conditions. They go up to 100 feet in the air and are secured to the ground with ropes.

Do you offer balloon ride refunds?

Prior to June 1, in the event you need to cancel your balloon reservation, a refund will be made, less a $50 admin fee. If the cancellation is made on or after June 1, no refund will be issued. If your balloon reservation is canceled due to weather conditions and we are unable to reschedule your flight, your money will be refunded to the card used to make the purchase. If your reservation is cancelled due to weather, you must be present at the time of your ride to be issued a refund or to be rescheduled.

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